Easing on down...

After my last post I made it my duty to get things together. I decided that enough was enough and have now begun my "fitness journey" if thats what this is. This weight loss thing can be such a pain in the ass though. I don't know how people do this, not only is it hard to figure out what you want to eat, but it seems that when you want to eat right all of a sudden all you crave for is all the bad stuff.

For instance, I am a bonafide chicken lover (what person isn't) but right after I stated that I was going on this fitness journey I walk out to get some things that need from Target and as I walk by all I smell is fried chicken. Its like the devil just knows that I am on this journey and wants to tempt me with the smell of the fatty goodness. Now I am not going to fall for it, because I really need to make this change and I am determined to do so, but I must say that I almost fell for it. I just wanted to get that chicken and just devour but I said a quick silent prayer (it was needed) and took my "fitness journey" ass to target.  But I had visions I tell you visions.

Wait a minute... No seriously WEIGHT...

I am struggling here. Seriously I am really really struggling. I have had trouble with weight from since I can remember and now its even more of a problem.

While walking into work the other day it occurred to me that I am the biggest person at  my job. No, seriously I am the heaviest person on staff and that's disturbing. I was a little distraught by this revelation... No actually I was down right depressed about this revelation.  Now I usually don't compare myself to others because I could really care less about other people, but add to the fact that I am also the only black woman on staff makes this even worse. We already know about the plight of weight when it comes to black women and I am making it worse by being the heaviest woman and person on the staff. 

I came home and really thought about what I could do to fix this issue. I have done the weight loss thing and I have lost significant amount of weight but I have gotten lazy. I just want the quick fix. I wish there was a magic pill that I could take that would take this weight away but that's not going to happen so I am going to have to make a serious change to my diet. 

The Joy... of WRITING

I'm not going to start this blog with the run down as to why I haven't written in months. Nor am I going to give a long drawn out reason as to where this blog is going, but what I am going to say is that I will definitely try harder to post more than I have.

While I know that this has been said before, I think I am more serious about it now.  No, seriously I am going to make a solid effort. One of my friends has just started his own blog about weight loss and he is so excited about it that it made me want to go back to writing.  I remember when I was where he is currently and the love and joy he got from writing on my blog. I miss that feeling, and I want that feeling back.

I remember when I started this blog, almost 7 years ago. I was working at a library and my sister-friend Kelly was writing as well. She had shared her blog with me and I had become so infatuated by it that I said I was going to start my own. I did and thats where this blog began. At first I was struggling because I didn't know what to write and had to pull ideas out my ass. Then it got to the point where there were so many things to write about because I was trying to rekindle a relationship with this guy who I thought I wanted to be with (BIG MISTAKE BY THE WAY) and I would write about that. Then things got hectic and crazy. My dating life was eh, because I was with this guy and we only lasted 4 month, thought that relationship would have been great to write about I didn't.