All Men are Dogs!!??!!

The day old saying by a lot of women is that all men are dogs! Women scorned by cheating boyfriends or husbands are quick at the mouth with this phrase and it makes some women wonder if it is true. Are all men dogs?

Yesterday, while I was enjoying my day off (Perks of Being a NYC teacher) my bestie calls me and tells me to log on to facebook because there is something that I should see. I do so and I watch this video that was posted on her page. I instantly click share and put it on mine because the message on it is so true. In the video this young lady talks about the notion that most women think that men are dogs.

She says that we women have lists with things that a man should posses but then turn around and that same woman doesn't have what she has on her list for her definition of a good man. The video goes on and the lady says that for a woman to find herself a good man she needs to be in love with herself. Not just any kind of love, but a deep passionate love. A love that knows no limits and only then will she be able to find a man for her.

I found this video to be so inspirational, and so true. SO many women are quick to point blame and point fingers at what this man doesn't have or what this man does have and why she can't find one and the reason why she is single, but in essence she's the one that has the issues. She's the one that is lacking and that's the reason's why she can't find a good man.

SO many women need to take a good look at themselves. They need to reevaluate their lists and their criteria. Some need to understand that certain things are attainable only if they possess them. This isn't to say that many man aren't messed up, that's the last thing I'd say. What I will say is that if you're searching for Gold, I am hoping that you yourself are as good as GOLD!

Though this video is specifically directed at women I think both genders need to take a look at themselves. Both men and women need to step back and take a good long look in the mirror. (Listen to Michael Jackson "Man in the Mirror") They need to take a good look at themselves and ask themselves "The things I am asking for in a mate, do I possess these things also?" Many will say yes but in actuality the answer will be NO!

What do you think?

Something to think about Sunday!!

Love is pure and limitless, but it can't exist if there is hate! Learn to love, love to learn, and hate will have no place where you exist!

Peace and Blessings!!

Sunday Sermon!

Its been a while since I've gone to church. Ok, honestly its a little over 5 months.. Alright, let me be honest.. I haven't stepped foot into a church since Easter and we all know when that was right.. But, I do believe in God and know that he's real and understand that he longs for me to worship him in his home. Lately I've been feeling that my place of worship has lost its spunk, its zeel.. I've been feeling out of touch with the place that I've called home since I came to this country 23 years ago. I've made so many excuses as to why I haven't gone to church I tell people I will go, but I have to find a new place to worship. Then I'd stay home and do nothing (like I did today) So I've come to the conclusion that I just need to get up and go find a new church or I just need to get over my stupidity and just go back to feed my spirit.

I am born and raised Catholic, have done all the sacraments and love my faith. I've been saved because he loves me, and I love him. Many people believe that being saved requires you to change religions, but that's the furthest from the truth. Being saved means that you acknowledge who God is and understand his unfathomable presence in your life, and you make Him the CENTER of everything that you do. That's what being saved means. I just have to find my way into his SAVING GRACE.. its taking me some time to get back on my feet with that but slowly I rise up. Like Donnie McClurkin sings "A saint is just a sinner who fell down, and then got up."

I didn't make it to church today, though my church gives you many chances to go throughout the day, I just slept. When my mom got home we had a talk. We spoke about God and his presence in our lives. I told her about a weird dream I had and it came to me.. I miss going to church. I miss hearing the sermons and the readings. I miss learning and delving into my bible and finding meaning to a sometimes meaningless thing. I miss understanding new meanings to a passage that I've read a million times over. I miss how my spirit felt fed when I left my church. I miss how I would tell people how different my church was from other Catholic churches. How much fun I had and how I danced to the drums and the guitars and how the choir sounded magnificent. In all honesty I can say it I Missed going to church....

So next Sunday this sinner will definitely get up!

Can't Knock His HUSTLE

I am probably late on posting this but many have seen Jay-Z on the Oprah show this past week. I was busy at school learning and I wasn't able to watch the show... until last night. Let me first say that if you know me, you know that I am a huge, and I do mean HUGE Jay-Z fan.. loved him from the first time I heard "Can't Knock the Hustle featuring Mary" back when I was in H.S. I remember hearing that song and just vibing to the tunes. When Reasonable Doubt hit the stores I remember rushing to get the cd, and from since then I've been hooked!

Mary Sings:
I'm taking out this time
To give you a piece of my mind (cause you can't knock the hustle)
Who do you think you are
Maybe one day you'll be a star.

Seeing him on Oprah was almost unbelievable, mainly because Oprah stated openly how much she didn't like rap music or rappers. She protested against Ludacris being on her show when "Hustle and Flow" came out. She didn't want Ice-T on her show because of the way that he treated women, but here you have it, years later Mr. Shawn Carter on the set of today's most influential television personalities EVER!! Many will dispute how it came to be that Jay got on her show, man will give credit to many different reason's some may say that Jay being on Oprah can either be credited to him being married to Beyonce, or because Oprah has finally wanted to be open and hear about rap! If the latter is the case then why not want to hear about it from one of the best that ever did it, but any way you have it Brooklyn's Own was on her show.

I sat in front of my computer in awe of what was happening, most importantly I was upset that my friends that lived in the Stuy didn't call me to tell me that Jay and O were in town. I would've left everything that I was doing to see that, but it already happened and I can't cry cause I didn't get to see them.... *sniffle sniffle.* I loved how relaxed he was on the show. He was really humble and willing to talk about everything. Well almost everything, only thing that wasn't discussed was his wife Bey! We got to see a little bit of who Jay was away from the media hype. Loved how he hugged his nephew. He even made jokes on Oprah! The first half of that Oprah episode had me glued.

While they did touch upon the word "nigga" (they agreed to disagree) many things could've been discussed on the show in my opinion. They should've touched upon Oprah's dislike for rappers. How come she doesn't see the poignancy of the style of music. They could've spoken about the barriers that have been broken because of rap music. Some things were skated by and to me that should've been something that would've made a difference in the show.

Another would have been to have people who were actual Jay-Z fan's in the audience. Most of the people who were at the taping knew who Jay-Z was, but they didn't know his music. They probably couldn't recite any of his lyrics. Most were probably aware of who he is because of his famous wife but did they know of how he got there.

So many people have been touched by Jay-Z. His philanthropy alone says a great deal about who this man is and how he got to where he was. Came from nothing to something, and that is amazing. I am going to pick up the "O" magazine and read it. I hope that it contains things that weren't said on TV.

He Wants that OLD thing back!!

I always remember the line, that "you don't know what you have until its gone." I've heard it but I have never experienced it.... until now. I remember a couple of months ago reading I was reading eb the celeb's post about wanting an old thing back, but I have never thought about being with someone old (old as in we've been there before) or wanting something that I had back. That is until now (I'm still debating.)

I had lunch with an ex of mine.. and NO it wasn't Ivory, I'd shoot myself in the foot with rusty nail than have lunch with that psycho but I digress. But yes I did have lunch with an ex. He called during the early morning and said that he'd be in the neighborhood, and would want to have lunch. Under normal circumstances I'd say HELL NO, but I'm trying to be a much nicer and understanding person, also its free food that I don't have to pay for... so I said why not.

Usually ex's don't get a shot at being friends no matter what. Being friends would require that we have no feelings for one another and also that he and I stay out of the way of being in confined close quarters so that no feelings arise. I know how I get, and sometimes I have no control, ok let me be frank most time I'm the savage beast that takes over and rips the clothes off, but that's another story!

So, we meet during lunch and its like old friends shooting the shyt. We talk about his job, and mine, our family, his daughter, him going back for his masters and me writing his recommendation (I might) and just some old friends that he has seen. Then he bring up our relationship of the past.

Now its one thing to meet for lunch with your ex, but its another thing when he wants to talk about what was. I thought to myself, where the heck was this coming from, and why is he asking me that. To be quite honest I said to myself, what kind of B***H S**T is this? Seriously dude.. you want to talk about what?

You have got to be kidding.
So we continue with lunch, and we reminisce.. food was good too. Long story short I start to think about it during the ending of our lunch. How cool would it be that all this time that I thought that he was a sucker *ss sucker he was actually the guy for me? What would our grand kids say about us (yes it went there..) don't tell me that you don't think like that too.. It happens.. SHOOT!! SO, I lose all track of time because I think I have time to get back before classes start. I look at the time and finally realize what time it is, and I have to rush back into school. He drops me off and says that he'll be in touch, and its for two reasons.. one is to talk about his Masters and the second is to see when we could see each other again and see if we can make things right?

As I walk back into my classroom I think, would getting back together be a good idea?
Can I re-date someone I broke up with years ago?

Would you re-date someone because they claimed that they changed and that things are different now?

1st Change

I've been trying to get back into blogging and blog reading, but I have found with my schedule and my time I haven't been able to. This new job as an educator has totally changed my life beyond words. Add to that I haven't been able to fall asleep at a decent time so I wake up very groggy and I can't be a productive educator if I am falling asleep in my own class. But while perusing the blogosophere I am intrigued by some of the blog pages that I've seen. I figured that I wanted to change the template on my blog page. I think that will spice up my time and give me something to do to make my page more alive. I was reading Luvvie's blog about blogging and she mentioned googling blog templates so that's what I'm doing.

Stay tuned for a new blog page..



Hi my blog family! How has everyone been? Yes been away for sometime now, and I haven't had the time to come on and write or read blogs and I feel so bad about that. Got to time manage better

But be prepared! Some changes are coming!! Just look out for it!