New York is the worst place to meet a man

A couple of weeks (maybe about 3 or so ago) on Tyra the Millionaire Matchmaker stated that NYC was the worst place to meet a man. Though I didn't particularly watch the episode some of my friends posted the interview on a list serv and we openly discussed what she said. She states that NYC ratio of women to men is 5:1! Really!?! There is a big shock.. (insert sarcasm) This I already knew, while sitting outside on the steps of my job I take notice of how many women to men there are walking on 5th Ave. There are some very handsome men out there but if you are looking to see a whole slue of them lunch hour is the best time to catch them. But before we got to the nitty gritty of the "NYC is the worst place to meet a man" many of my friends were thinking that the millionaire matchmaker was right on the money.

Our discussion first went this way.

Friend1 : I agree, it is so hard to find a man in New York

Friend 2: Oh hell yeah, here are too many women out there and not enough guys to go around

Friend 3: I think I need to move out of New York to meet a marrying man!

Friend 4: Its not hard to meet men in New York, you guys are just way to damn picky


Then you had many of my friends that agreed with "friend 4" and said that the problem wasn't meeting the man, the problem was finding a man that suited you and a man who would want to be in a committed relationship was what was the main problem. Many of us meet men on the regular, weather it be on the train, walking to Starbucks, or Dunkin Donuts for coffee, at the gym, work, everywhere and anywhere.. we meet men in an enormous amount of places, but how many of these men are you actually interested in? How many of these men grab your attention where you think he can be boyfriend material or even husband material? Chances are that that number is slim to none. But, why is that.. why is it that we're not interested in some of the guys that we meet @ random?

On any given day you come into contact with load (yes I said loads) of men, some you find handsome, or sexy or just fuccable (pardon the harsh word) there are some you find attractive and others you wouldn't give the time of day because of something, or nothing. But all in all you meet men in this great city @ random so easily. But why is it that living in NY is so hard on women when it comes to dating? Why are the men that we would want to date seem to be non-existent. Is it because there are so many women out there that men don't want to settle down with just one? Are there so few and far in between single males in the city that we are just to sit and just be seconds to someone else man? Is it true that NYC is the worst place to find a man??

I know that in ATL there almost NO straight men so I can understand the scarcity of relationship material but seriously NYC???

Like many of my females living in this city, I've had my fair share of horrible dates and crazy boyfriends. I've met some men that I thought were boyfriend material and others that I wouldn't give a second glance at. But I don't think that this is the worst place to meet a man, I would say that it is the hardest. There are too many women in this city. SO many women here so I can see how men can be indecisive when it comes to finding one to be with but that's why you must make yourself more desirable than the others.

For those of you who live here, would you say that living in NY makes it harder to meet a man? Do you believe that NYC is the worst place to meet a man?

Let me know your experiences and your thoughts.