Jealousy isn't a good look.

I've been having a tough time with classes lately and have been feeling a bit down and out about my current educational pursuit. So as means of cheering me up Ivory decided to send me some flowers to my job, unbeknown to me. He does these cute things to show his love for me. I got them right before I went to lunch so I left them on the desk, it was my little tactic to show them off. I love when he does these little spontaneous things. It keeps the relationship spicy, though it is still new.

During my lunch I told my co-worker friend what Ivory did. I told them how happy I was that he sent them to me because I've really been down and out, and this made my day seem a little bit better. My friend (FP) says that I need to show them to Ms. Calvin Klein, (in my mind I had already thought of that), but I told him that he knew full and well that she would have a heart attack because she doesn't receive anything from either her husband nor her lover Juan. But as soon as we got back into the office I decided I would parade around with my bouquet and show them off. When I got to Ms. Calvin Klein, she didn't' seem to thrilled to have seen them. She had this look on her face that read, he sent you flowers again? I ignored her and commenced to rabble continuously about how Ivory is the best boyfriend around and how sweet he is. She just gave me this side look.

As I go back to my desk to gloat ( I know I was wrong but that is for all these months of her crying and acting a fool over some man that has absolutely NO feelings for her) as I sit down she hits me up on my gchat talking about how nice it is that I met this man and how he should give lessons to those who do not know how to woo a woman. I know she is saying this because she knew that her expression read loud and clear over her face. I wanted to let her know that I didn't give a rats ass about what she thought, but instead I said thank you and yes I know to end the conversation. I exited our conversation, but as quickly as I did that she sent me another Instant message. (MCK just doesn't know when to quit, she's a constant gabber) She goes on to tell me that she's glad that I found the right person and it goes so well with this book she is reading from Oprah's book club. I just continued to respond with my one word answers of Yeah, unhunh and you're right in hopes that she'd just sign off and not continue, but alas she continued to write and just get on my nerves. I know she's not really happy for me, and just says it because she wants to seem like she's a good person. My mother warns me about those types of people, people who say they wish you well, but curse you under their breaths.

Anyway, today I come in and my friend FP tells me about what him and MCK spoke about while I wasn't there. It so happens that she is upset that she didn't get anything from neither one of her "love interests." He tells me that she was definitely green with envy, and she wonders why she can't be like me.

Not to toot my own horn (toot toot) but shoot I'm loads of fun and really cute, while she's boring, and not that attractive. (I know that wasn't nice but shoot this is my blog.. LOL) Anywho FP tells me that she secretly longs to be in her 20's like I am, and to have all the fun and enjoyment that I am having. I wanted to go over there and scream at her..
YOU'RE F**KING DAMN NEAR 50 GIVE IT UP. FP tells me that she's trying not to show it, but she really is envious of me, and that she wishes that she could go back and be like me when she was younger, and blah blah blah... Now I don't know if its wrong of me or not but I couldn't give 2 shits. I am not sorry for her at all. I have tried to tell her that there are somethings that a grown woman shouldn't do and how to behave (I act like I'm older than her) but she doesn't listen. I told her before, Green wasn't a good look on her.

Things I like to say

After a monotonous meeting with the upper level management about the way that they plan to revamp this j-o-b that I have, some co-worker friends and I decided to hang out a little before going back to work to talk about what was going on. We tend to have a lot of these chit-chat moments after meetings, it helps the time pass. Though we talk all the time its never the same (got to love your co-workers because they bring that extra umph to a boring day). I decided to come on blogger and look through many of the blogs that I read. Its been a while since I've had a chance to sit down and read what is going on in the world of my blogger friends. Forgive me for the absenteeism, but I promise to post once a week to keep you abreast as to what is really going on in my life. I will also be checking in, with my regulars and leaving my little tid-bits. So, while taking a look at Miss-Stress' page, I saw her post a list of things that she says and I thought I'd borrow the idea and post a couple of things that I tend to say from time to time.

  • Moobs- Refers to a man who has boobs. There is this one guy at my job who thinks his body is ripped, but in actuality its not. He has this big old saggy boobies that are just wrong on a man. If measurement serves me right, he's about a B cup.
  • Mitties- A man who doesn't quite have the boobs yet, but will definitely be on his way to having them. These are better known as man titties. Now, I can tolerate Mitties more than I can tolerate Moobs.. Just as long as mitties don't turn into moobs I'm fine.
  • Sp-ed : This is a person who needs special education. I am in no way, shape or form, making fun of people who had to have special education, but I think that sometimes these people have continuous brain farts and say stupid things that would have been corrected had they have had that special education. Sp-ed.
  • Bad Hemorrhoid- This is predominantly used in reference to the lady at my job who to this day is still harassing the co-worker she slept with. NO amount of surgery or preparation H will remove her from his behind.
  • We're going to the Prom- Lets just say that this isn't something you'd want to hear me say about you or to your face. If and when I say this while on the phone and you happen to be around, and its about you, I suggest you go into hiding as soon as possible.
  • I'm going to slap/shank/stab you- Its exactly how it sounds. If you and I are friends its an empty threat, and is said because of something you said to me that I didn't like or thought was funny but needed a comeback.
  • in there like swimwear- I know I am not the only person that says this. I've heard it from many other people. but its one of the phrases that I really like. It suits the situation and puts emphasis on the fact that you're going to definitely be at an occasion.
There are so many more things that I tend to say but I really can't remember because most of the time they just come out at random. But on most days I do say what you're reading. My friends tell me that I have the most vivid imagination. I come up with different words ever now and then. I think I will keep a list when I say little cunning things. Look to the future for words I say.